There has been a lot of material written about amalgam and its danger.

Despite the fact that amalgam fillings are sometimes referred to as silver fillings, they contain heavy metals such as silver, tin, copper and last but not least mercury.

If one has such a filling in the mouth, the person is actually exposed to intoxication 24/7. Mercury toxicity is often connected with Alzeimer' s disease and other chronic diseases, such as cancer.


Unfortunately, not only amalgam fillings can pose a threat to human health as far as toxic materials are concerned. Some of white plastic composites and other dental material contain carcinogenic dyes or heavy metals such as aluminium, cadmium or a known carcinogen Bisphenol A. In addition, some material has been found even radioactive.

If a person has such a toxic filling or dental material in their mouth, the immune system has been constantly under pressure. This could be definitely harmful within a longer period od time and what is more, it could result in a serious disease.

There is one unique dentist in Mexico, in Tijuana, who has all the materials, he uses in his dental office, tested for toxicity.

It is Virgilio Oscar Solorio DDS who is a world-wide known specialist for holistic dentistry.

Dr. Solorio has seen a great deal of examples when people literally feel how their energy has increased and the quality of their lives has improved after the toxic materials had been correctly removed from their mouth cavities.

Well, there is no wonder, the body does not need to deal with all the toxic substances leaking from the materials every day and every night any more.