Lobsters and Sea Food in Puerto Nuevo


A true paradise for lobsters lovers !

If you haven't eaten a Puerto Nuevo lobster, we recommend it being one of the first things on your list to eat while visiting Puerto Nuevo and Rosarito.

Puerto Nuevo is home to over 40 restaurants all serving sea food and lobsters. Almost a million lobsters are served in the Rosarito coastal area each year.

The lobsters are pan-fried  so the meat stays soft and tender.

Served with beans, rice and homemade flour tortillas on the side.

Puerto Nuevo was founded in 1956 with the opening of Puerto Nuevo II Restaurant, which is still one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Nuevo.

Many restaurants provide with a very nice sea view. Eating delicious sea food while having a look at the ocean is undoubtebly a very nice experience.

Price : 50 USD for 1-3 people. Dinner not included.