Radioactivity / Pollution

Sadly,  the usage of radioactive materials is allowed under current FDA standards.

The manufacturers do not state that  such materials are used in their dental materials, but it is allowed under current FDA standards. Dentists are mostly unaware of this fact.

Mr. Ulf Bengtsson, a Swedish researcher from Linköping University, has found 35 references to radioactive materials used as dental materials ( published in " Increased Mercury Emissions from Modern Dental Amalgams " and "What Happened in the Dental Offices in the 1970s and -80s?" ), as The March 2000  Bio-Probe Newsletter reported.

To find if the dental material is radioactive or not, it is needed to do a chemical analysis.

The Geiger-Mueller counter is able to detect radioactivity, too.

Dr. Clark developed a unique device , a Synchrometer, an oscillator, which can be used to measure radioactivity  and other pollution, which she had hoped that even lay people would start using for their own safety.

Dr. Solorio is familiar with this device testing and he uses its testing possibility in his dental practice.

Radioactive material in porcelains is used to make it look more life like, to give it a natural luminescence.
Nowadays, we find radioactive material even in plastic composite fillings.  The reason being to make the fillings show up on X-ray.
The tooth filling may contain uranium or thorium , for instance.

As for amalgam fillings, more than 50 procent of what Dr. Clark  tested was found radioactive.  In addition, many amalgam tooth  fillings contain thalium or germanium pollution.

Pink dentures are often polluted with cadmium.  Cadmium is five times more toxic than lead and its toxicity is connected with high blood pressure.

As for other dental materials such as bondings, sealers, anestetics, various plastics and many others, many of those are polluted with solvents and heavy metals. In addition to that, radioactivity can be sometimes also measured.

Dr. Solorio has all the material he uses tested for radioactivity, heavy metals and other toxins.

Dr. Solorio follows up with the patients after the dental clean-up.

A proper chelation based on Dr. Clark's teachings is suggested.

The patients are recommended safe and tested products to use to get rid of the toxins in their bodies.