Virgilio Oscar Solorio DDS has more than 25 years of experience with holistic dentistry. He specializes in removing toxic and radioactive materials from people' s mouths and replacing them with non-toxic, radioactivity-free and biocompatible materials so that their health can be restored.

He is the dentist, who Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark visited, herself, as a patient.

Dr. Solorio is visited by patients from all over the world.

As a result of cooperation with Dr. Clark, Dr. Solorio invented so called Solorio's Dam and participated in invention of Gum Cleaning techniques.

Dr Solorio is not only a brilliant dentist but an exceptional dental surgeon as well.

Dr. Solorio' s goal is to restore his patients' health.
Dr. Hulda Clark,  the author of several books about cancer treatment and cure  , had worked closely with Dr. Solorio and referred her patients to his dental office for dental cleaning.

If it had not been for Dr. Solorio, many  patients of Dr. Clark  would have never regained their health again.

Dr. Clark had been his patient herself.

Dr. Solorio uses all possible means of protection as far as amalgam removal is concerned, so that amalgam is removed as safely as possible.

Based on Dr. Clark's requirements, he himself invented so called Solorio's Dam, which he uses to protect the patients while removing the toxic tooth fillings or during extractions of teeth with fragile fillings. These break very easily and create toxic dust.

In this way, the patient is not exposed to toxic fumes to inhale or they do not swallow any tiny pieces of toxic amalgam. Not only is the patient provided with clean fresh air supply, but Dr. Solorio uses  high volume ejection, as well.

All the treatment is done safely and comfortably for the patient in a relaxing environment.

Dr. Solorio masters the two exeptional cleaning techniques - Huggins Cavitation Cleaning and Arichega Gum Cleaning techniques.

Huggins Cavitation Cleaning
Every tooth is held in the socket by soft tissues such as small ligaments.

If a tooth is extracted, it is highly recommended  to remove these ligaments as well. Unless these are removed, too, they will decay and provide opportunity for bacteria to reside there. The sockets left
behind should be carefully cleaned with special tools for this
purpose as well.
This procedure has been taught by Dr. Hal Huggins in the past.

Solorio /Arichega Gum Cleaning
Sometimes it is needed to remove imbedded amalgam, heavy metals or radioactivity from the tissues and gums. It might be visible with a naked eye that the top of the gum has turned grey due to the absorbtion of amalgam. Using Solorio /Arichega ´s gum trimming the toxic tissue can be carefully removed. Surprisingly, the new gum tissue heals very fast. You can  usually count on your gums
being healed in two to three days.
This procedure has
been developed together by Dr. Solorio and    Dr. Benjamin Arichega.  Dr. Benjamin Arichega is a maxillofacial surgeon, with whom Dr. Solorio had worked closely in the past. 

In spite of the fact that Dr. Solorio is visited by people world-wide as a dental specialist  and his service is excellent, his kind approach will make you feel nice and comfortable.

The visit to Dr. Soloro is not something to be afraid of but something to look forward to.

The following methods of payments are accepted : Cash ( USD), VISA, Master Card

Dr. Solorio can provide with an All Inclusive treatment:

Dental hygiene guidance and cleaning, safe removal of toxic materials,  creation of inlays and onlays, amalgam tattoos removal, dead tooth and root canals removal, dentures and crowns and extractions.

Dr. Solorio can provide with a price estimate based on a panorama X-ray provided by the patient, which can be taken with a local dentist.

As an example, an average amalgam replacement with a non-toxic composit is about 80USD, an extraction about 100 USD.

For the price estimate and contact with the dental office, please email us.
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