By Czech patients



Dr. Solorio removed my old leaking amalgam tooth fillings, performed both Huggins Cavitation Cleaning and Arechiga Gum Trimming. Moreover, one of my wisdom tooth has been extracted. My teeth have been restored with non-toxic plastic composites.
I must admit, I had concerns both about the journey and the treatment, but now, I can say I am really happy that I had gone.
I do feel better. Thank you.

Mgr. Veronika Gajdoš


I learned about Dr. Solorio in one of the books by Dr. Hulda Clark.
I was an owner of several composite fillings due to my sensitive teeth.
I had been suffering from a bad atopic ekzema on my hand palms since I was twenty years of age. Especially in winters my skin cracked so deep that one could even see bones and the pain was agonizing.
I decided to give it a try and had the fillings replaced by Dr. Solorio himself in 2016. Both Huggins and Arechiga Cleanings have been performed.
It has been a year now since I do not know what atopic ekzema is.

My hands are absolutely normal. Thank you.